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Discover the well kept secrets of Africa as you roam around its fascinating roads, through towns and villages and experience a whole new way of life on your two wheels. What could be a better way to discover this little known continent?

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Touring Africa with Global Bike Tours will be no ordinary holiday, and no ordinary motorcycle tour. Following one of our experienced guides around some of the best and most fascinating spots in this country you will have the opportunity to see barren deserts as well as inhabited communities and fascinating wildlife. Our tours can take you either into the north of the continent, where you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the French speaking countries, or into the south where you can visit South Africa and Namibia, to name a few of the countries on offer. The climate in Africa is very different from Europe, and you’ll no doubt experience some tropical weather, particularly the further south that you go. In southern Africa you will have crossed the equator, and therefore summer will run between December and February while winter takes place between June and August. However, winters in southern Africa are not like the cold winters of Western Europe, and you will experience warm and sunny weather no matter what time of year that you go, but just be aware that the tropical summers could mean plenty of rain! The roads around Africa are, as should be expected, not of the best quality, and therefore biking around them can be tricky, but it can also be a lot of fun. As we travel into the countryside you’ll have the opportunity to ride on some traffic free and little used roads, save for the occasional camel!


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