Tours by Peru Motors


Desert to Jungle

Peru has the adventurous motorist a lot to offer. Eventually too much for one tour. The diversity of roads, nature and culture is enormous. That'...


Incredible Inca Motorcycle Safari

Visit Peru and Bolivia on a motorcycle. During this tour you will see the highest navigable lake on earth: Lake Titicaca, the biggest saltflats in the...

From: £450.00

Machu Picchu Express

Visit one of the most divers countries in the world on a motorbike.PeruMotors gives you an unique opportunity to discover Peru by motorcycle. Stay in...

From: £2,921.24

Trans Andes Motor Challenge

This is one of the toughest tours in our programme and visits 3 South-American countries. During this tour you will conquer the mighty Andes on your...

From: £3,254.16

Trans Patagonia

We'll take you (in 3 stages) from the southernmost city in the world: Ushuaia (Argentina), through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia to Arequipa in...


The Seven Wonders of Peru

In Peru you can find it all. And, of course, we do it on roads you'll love as an adventurous motorcyclist. The diversity of roads, nature and culture...

From: £3,745.28

BMW MOA Machu Picchu Tour

PeruMotors is the largest motorcycle tour operator and the only BMW Motorrad Travel Partner in Peru. In business since 2004, PeruMotors specializes...

From: £4,116.44


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