Tours by Bolivia Motorcycle Adventures


Wild Wild West

17 days, 2301 km, 60% off-road The Wild Wild West combines the best of the Highlands such as the indigenous market in Tarabuco, Colonial capital Sucre...

From: £2,421.98

Highlander 2

21 days, 2970 km, 40% off-road The Highlander 2 takes you to just about all the spectacular sights and places of Bolivia. Starting with the Ruta del...

From: £3,073.47


The Amazon. Largest jungle in the world... and you can go there. 17 days, 2300 km, 50% off-road First we head towards La Paz and via the fantastic...

From: £2,605.93

Mission Impossible

Our most spectacular tour will take you up the absolute highest road in the world (5.800 mtr, 19,025 ft) and into one of the most remote and deserted...

From: £3,242.09


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