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Africa Due South - Lowveld Legend

.  "The Legend" is a superb weeks motorcycle adventure taking the rider from the plains of the Highveld (highlands) descending down the...

From: £1,137.17

Africa Due South - Southern Spear

Southern Spear is a raggedy loop starting and finishing in Johannesburg; it visits three countries: South Africa, Swaziland (Switzerland in Africa...

From: £1,450.00

Africa Due South - Cape Conquest

The Cape Conquest tour touches on both the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans, visits the Southern Most point in Africa (Cape Aghulas), the Cape Peninsula...

From: £1,490.00

Africa Mid-Winter Getaway

7 days and 7 nights Due South MC Tours offers the amazing Lowveld Legend tour as a mid-winter getaway for riders wanting to escape the Northern...

From: £1,200.00

Epic South Africa

Starting and ending in Johannesburg, the tour begins with a bang as it heads down through the Free State farmlands/plains down to Golden Gate National...


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