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Mongolain Challenge

The Mongolia Challenge will be a challenging adventure covering many countries, vast distances and some tough terrain. Please remember however that...

From: £8,995.00

Timbuktu & West Africa

Riders Only 8 places will be made available for this tripDates 22nd September to 9th October 2010Distance Approx 2,500 milesCountries Gambia, Senegal...

From: £1,994.00

Global Challenge

Riding around the world on a motorcycle will be a real challenge, but you would be wrong to think that you need to be a highly experienced adventure...

From: £23,995.00

Trans-Africa Expedition

We at Kudu Expeditions pride ourselves on striving to make these amazing adventures accessible to all, irrespective of background or experience. We...

From: £19,995.00

Central & Southern Africa

FULL DETAILS COMING SOON...  . Riders: Only 8 places will be made available for this trip. Dates: 13th October to 18th December 2010. Distance...

From: £9,995.00

Self-Ride Round the World

Duration: 18 to 30 weeks depending on options taken. Departures: Any time between 15th March and 20th July 2010 & 2011. Optional Training: 2 days...

From: £9,995.00

London to Magadan

One huge adventure guaranteed to see you arrive in Magadan tired but smiling, and undoubtedly with memories that will stay with you for a lifetime...

From: £15,990.00

The Paris Dakar Challenge

Welcome to the Paris Dakar Challenge 2012. This expedition is an awesome adventure across North and West Africa. Starting in UK you will travel across...

From: £4,495.00

The Road of Bones

The Road of Bones (RoB), also known as the Kolyma Highway, is undoubtedly the most coveted ride in the world of adventure motorcycling. Construction...

From: £8,495.00

The Northern Andes Challenge

New for 2013 Kudu are crossing the Atlantic Ocean to take on the Northern Andes Challenge . Fly into the breathtaking city of La Paz , largest city...


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