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Route 66 - Dream

Route 66 - the most famous road in the world, from Chicago to Los Angeles. Since 1997 Reuthers is organising Motorcycle Tours on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles...

From: £3,941.27

Route 66 - Kicks

For people with less time we offer the 12 day motorcycle tour Route 66 "Kicks", which takes you from Chicago to Los Angeles through eight states. On...

From: £2,321.78

Florida - Sunshine

The classic motorcycle tour through Florida: Experience the Sunshine State in the saddle of a Harley Davidson during our 11 day tour. Our round trip...

From: £2,298.75

Highway 1 - USA

"California Dreaming" - our 12 day motorcycle tour through California and Nevada will take you to the most beautiful places of the American West. With...

From: £2,559.71

Wild West - USA

Get to know the west of the United States in 8 days: Our motorcycle tour through California and Nevada brings you closer to the highlights of the West...

From: £1,784.50

New Zealand - Paradise

Our motorcycle tour through New Zealand is paradise for bikers at the other side of the world: You will quite intensively get to know the two large...

From: £5,599.13

New Zealand - Highlights

On this 15-day motorcycle tour through New Zealand, you will visit the most beautiful highlights of the two islands. Your motorcycle tour begins in...

From: £4,770.20

Australia - Best Of

Our great "Best Of" tour is the perfect choice for a motorcycle trip in Australia, especially when you want to see as much as possible of this fascinating...

From: £2,880.26

Australia - Down Under

Our 12 day "Down Under" motorcycle road trip through Australia will take you through the states of Victoria and New South Wales. You will get to know...

From: £1,404.90

South Africa - Wild Garden

South Africa at the southern tip of the African continent is like a huge wild garden full of natural beauty just waiting to be discovered. Our Wild...

From: £1,522.54

Florida - History

This 8 day motorcycle tour through Florida takes you to the most historic places in the Sunshine State. You will discover Saint Augustine, the oldest...

From: £1,684.73

Best Of West - USA

Get to know the Best Of West on our motorcycle tour in the west of the USA. Cruising down the most beautiful highways in 15 days with the Harley and...

From: £2,759.27

National Parks - USA

Nature lovers and adventurers can explore the National Parks of the USA in the southwest of the country on this 5-day motorcycle tour. The bike tour...

From: £1,439.12

Pony Express - USA

A very special motorcycle tour in the USA is our Pony Express tour for adventurers: The legendary Pony Express carried the mail in the 19th century...

From: £2,068.49

Canada - Rockies

Discover the unique natural beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains on our 11 day motorcycle tour through Canada. Our motorbike tour begins in the city...

From: £2,344.80

Alps + Lakes - Europe

On our 10-day motorcycle journey through the Alps, you can experience the panoramic mountain scenery from the saddle of your Harley. From the Bavarian...

From: £2,437.37

Ireland - Europe

Discover with us, the Emerald Isle on this 8 day motorcycle tour of Ireland that will take you around the whole island. Your motorcycle tour begins...

From: £1,421.43

Bluegrass Wonders

Bluegrass Wonders - The new Reuthers Harley-Davidson motorcycle tour: A dream tour where you travel through the Southern States Georgia, Tennessee and...

From: £1,907.31


On our 8 day motorcycle tour through Andalucia, you can get to know Spain's southernmost province, and take a trip to Portugal. Al-Andalus was the land...

From: £1,706.60

Bella Italia

Experience one of the most beautiful vacation countries of the world - in the saddle of a motorcycle - with our "Bella Italia" motorcycle tour through...

From: £3,257.26


Discover during our 6 day motorcycle tour the most beautiful corners of this famous cultural landscape and enjoy the Tuscany scenery from the seat of...

From: £1,448.16

Scotland Tour

Once in your life feel like a Highlander! With our 8 day motorcycle tour through Scotland, enjoy the exciting mountain world of the rugged Scottish...

From: £1,675.00


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