3 Day Adventure Nhatrang Muine. VIETNAMRIDER®


Posted by VIETNAMRIDER Travel Company on April 29, 2014 08:33

3 Day Adventure Nhatrang Muine. VIETNAMRIDER Co.,

This is our own tour. The route and the places are not in any guidebooks and none of other motorbike tours come. If you want to do something a bit different while in Vietnam to explore the countryside in a unique way so this is definitely a great way to experience it! You will see so much of the beautiful countryside, mountains, paddy fields and got to experience real Vietnamese culture. Our tour guides are very friendly & knowledgeable and so you will have a good laugh with them and they know the very best places to eat. You will feel very safe with them & it means that you will be able to relax & enjoy the scenery. For people who never sit on the back of a motorbike before it was a thrilling experience. Just do it.


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