High Cost of Insurance Deterring Young Drivers

The age group of 17 - 22 Year old youngsters taking a driving test has fallen by 19% since 2005. According to Newsbeat that is a drop of more than 200,000. Much of the drop has been related to the increase of cost of learning to drive and then the cost of running a car. Insurance for young drivers...

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Tips on Improving Biker Safety

Safety has always been a major concern for motorbike drivers in the UK, actually anywhere in the world. This is because, riders are more exposed to the dangers on the road because of the lack of a protective barrier which other motorists seem to have. There are some damning facts that show how dangerous...

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2,200 H.O.G members assemble for Thunder in the Glens

This September saw 2,200 hog members travel to Aviemore in the south east Highlands of Scotland to take part in Thunder in the Glens. The bikers were welcomed by the local town with many local bars and restaurants catering for their needs along with live music from Country and Western, Blues to Rock...

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