Jenny Tinmouth Stopover


Jenny stops off to meet Global Bike Tours and Ride magazine.  

The wind is blowing hard as we pull into the Dog & Partridge car park high up on the Woodhead Pass, the road that crosses the Pennines linking Sheffield with Manchester.

I have arrived early with our photographer Tracey Welch to meet with Jenny Tinmouth as she travels from her base in Elsmere Port near Liverpool en route to a fun 3hr endurance race at Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire.

Jenny and her business partner Steve pull up in their 7.5 tonne race service vehicle bedecked with Jenny Tinmouth Racing livery. Jenny is natural, warm and engaging and is clearly focused on her racing but has to combine this with her normal daily working routine in her Elesmere Port Two Wheel Workshop as well as these press stops along the way.

Anyone wanting to get into any form of two wheel racing should talk to people like Jenny as she's done it the hard way. But the hard work is finally paying off and I feel that there is more to come from this rider.

Jenny is one of the pioneers of serious electric bike racing, something racing fans should watch in the near future.  She has won the UK TTX GP Championship and came 3rd in the World Championship in Spain. And when you consider this achievement, along with her work and PR commitments, it is truly mind-blowing to think that she did all these whilst competing in a full season of British Supersport Cup rounds in 2010 on her Sorry Mate sponsored Honda 600RR, finishing 3rd on 145pts.

We will be talking to Jenny and our tour operators as we try and find space in her busy schedule to see if we can send her on a tour for her views and footage to promote the world of Global Bike Tours and its operators. 



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