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Introducing Mind Riding

 What more would you need to understand to become an Expert rider and have complete mastery over the skills involved?

Mind Riding has captured the essence of what it means to be an Expert rider. It’s all about the way the Expert rider thinks. Expert riders know how to maintain 100% concentration in all types of riding, enjoying themselves and riding safely.

Mind Riding explains how Expert riders think.

Revealed for the first time: 
- What really causes danger on the road
- How to control the danger 
- How to make life-saving decisions 
- How to enjoy riding and do it safely at the same time

The Mind Riding course will allow you to think in the same way. Imagine someone had lifted the required understanding from the minds of Expert riders and transplanted it to you! Far fetched? But, that’s what Mind Riding does through a course of study and about 10 hours of on-road assessment and training.

Mind Riding is currently offering Free* Assessment rides! (All we ask is that you make a £15 donation towards the instructor's fuel expense.) The assessment itself is free and you will not be under any obligation to enrol in the course.

Mind Riding: Contact


07749 222961 (Alec) 

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