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Global Bike Tours arranged an interview with one of our bikers to get some inside news on the world of biking. We decided to interview Norman Mason who has been a rider since 1989! Over the years Norman has witnessed several changes in the world and its attitude towards bikers. Here is the interview.

Alright guy's, as you probably guessed our first question to Norman was 'What do you think of our site?' Norman replied,'The website is well laid out and there seems to be a lot of very interesting tours on offer. Being a long distance rider im very interested in European tours. During my time in the forces i used to commute reguarly through Germany, Holland and France making my way through the channel tunnel then the long road back to glorious England. I also had the opportunity to bike through Poland and Austria, two countries i highly recommend. Nice people, great scenery and an ore-inspiring great experience. I will definetly be looking at booking a tour soon through Global Bike Tours'.

Secondly we asked Norman, 'What are the day to day problems you face as a biker?'

'The problems for bikers are other bikers who are un-vigilant and cause accidents and near-misses everyday. The simple rule to riding is 'drive carefully and vigilant because other people wont!'. I also see a lot of in-experienced riders buying powerful machines and acting like they have been riding for years, excessively speeding through urban areas or along narrow country lanes and too many times coming face to face with oncoming traffic that inevitably leads to serious or fatal accident. The last thing i want to mention is, watch out for horse droppings on country lanes, its about time they were fined for fouling roads, same as dog owners. It can be lethal to bike riders. I want to start a drive to make owners pay road tax, and have horse inspection to make sure they are psychologically prepared for being on noisy roads. On a number of occasions I've seen horses bolt after hearing loud noises from vehicles'.

We then continued to ask Norman if he was 'Experienced tourer and what he thought was one of his most memorable moments while touring?'

He answered 'i am an experienced tourer, but have never been on a tour through a bike tour company. Normally after sticking a pin in a map, me and a few friends ride off in to the sunset for a weekend. Tents, spare clothing and beer tokens are normally enough to have a good time whereever we end up. I think the most memorable experience, although not the best, was being caught in a blizzard in Scotland, good job we were well prepared'

Thinking of safety for our new riders we the asked Norman, 'What advice would you give to young riders and beginners?'

'Gain experience on a small bike first, get used to the hazards bikers face on a daily basis before deciding to go and buy a sports bike or anything else you are not used to handling. Buy good protective equipment and a good helmet. it's a fact that good kit saves live's. Never get tempted to buy a second helmet. you have no idea how many times its been dropped or banged.

We wanted to know 'what were the perks and flaws to riding?'

'The perks of being a rider is the 'get away from it all' factor, nothing better than getting to friday and packing a rucksack and heading off. The flaws are the large number of idiots on the road. I was recently swiped by a car because the driver was on his mobile phone, luckily he hit one of my side bags and there was no damage to me or the bike.'

We wanted to know what bike Norman rides.

'I have a honda VTX 1800 C, 2004, it's a beauty, recently re-sprayed purely for looks. Dont want any other bike and if anything ever happened to this one I would probably buy another. The VTX is such a good, comfortable ride and very reliable. In fact after a long period as a power ranger on a sports bike, i can say its probably the best bike i've ever had.

When we asked Norman 'Where he would recommend visiting in the UK' he replied

'Want a good tour and willing to be eaten alive? Tour the Scottish Lochs. Although the ten billion midges will want to eat you at every opportunity, the scenery is spectacular, the Scottish are very accomodating and there are plenty of places to stay. One bit of advice... Take some insect repellent.

To bring us back to the site we asked Norman, 'Would you recommend Global Bike Tours to your friends?'

'I have already recommended the site to friends and some are already registered. There's no fee for registering so why not? You may find something of interest that you haven't before.'

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