Pitstop diner in a league of its own!

Thinking of taking the bike out for a run this weekend? There is only one place you should be paying a vist to. The Pitstop Diner, in Stockton, Teesside, is the UK's best biking spot according to the thousands who voted in the Keep Britain Biking competition with Devitt.

Global bike tours featured a post several weeks ago featuring the competion and one lucky winner has grabbed the grand pize. The café was nominated by Gary Worthington who is the lucky winner of a fantastic UK touring holiday for two people worth £2500, organised by Extra Mile Bike Tours. More info about bike meets at the Pitstop Diner on 01624 653460.

The competition has been running for the last five weeks and has uncovered hundreds of superb biking locations. You can see the top 10 on

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