Bikers Shun Staycation for Tours on the Continent

British bikers have turned their backs on the ‘staycation' holiday idea to tour continental Europe this year, according to research by industry experts

Despite stay at home holidays proving popular following the recession, found 82 per cent of bikers opted for tours abroad, with only 18 per cent preferring to tour the UK this summer. surveyed the 223 tour operators listed on its website, and used statistics gathered from over 3,000 enquiries made through its free internet directory since its launch in June this year to produce its findings.

Andrew Coulthard, founder of not-for-profit website, said: "As people have tightened their belts in the recession the touring industry has remained strong with people still preferring to tour abroad.

"Continental Europe has seen most interest but Asia and Oceania have also remained popular locations for British tourers, which is no surprise given the exotic nature of Vietnam and Thailand and the beautiful views offered by New Zealand, even in its winter months."

The website also found that the recession has not stopped bikers seeking less traditional locations with tour operators reporting more interest in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Flavica Saba, from Ride with Us Motorcycle Tours, said: "We've had a lot of interest in Croatia in recent years, particularly from people who are looking to try something a little more unusual than the normal destinations around Europe.

"They often expect Croatia to be like Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe, but actually it is surprisingly Westernised. It offers great weather, fine food and offers plenty of historical and cultural activities, so is particularly appealing to those looking for more than just a riding holiday."

The motorcycling leisure industry contributes almost £500 million a year to the UK economy, with a major proportion of this coming from touring.*'s research found Continental Europe to be the nation's favourite touring destination this summer, with 22 per cent of enquiries, while Asia, 20 per cent, North America, 14 per cent, and Oceania, 11 per cent, were also popular.

South America, 7 per cent, Africa, 4 per cent, and Central America, 4 per cent, were all less popular with tourers this summer.

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