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The GSCLUBUK is now entering its 6th year and it does so off the back of five very successful and fun-filled years for GS'ers across the UK and beyond. Founded back in 2001 as an Internet based club for the unique BMW GS model range and their demanding owners the club has created something of reputation for doing things well, whether it be its national events, local meets, exchange of technical information or its fundraising for good causes.

The club has always been about encouraging GS'ers to seek out their adventures and we have seen many who have done just that, whether it be a round the world trip lasting years, or someone embarking on the first bit of off-roading. So long as their GS is involved, the club has been there to encourage and inspire its members.

The GSCLUBUK is a motorcycle club in the fullest of senses and is affiliated to the British Motorcycle Federation. Through this affiliation the club can offer its members a wide range of benefits and also provide the supporting framework necessary for a club to exist in the current climate. Without this framework the events many of you will have been able to enjoy over the years simply wouldn't take place and the opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow GS'ers potentially lost. In essence the primary function of this web-site is to provide the necessary administrative function of enrolling members, advertising our events and reporting on them, and deliver benefits to our members. The rest of the web site will grow organically along with the clubs needs.

There is a cost to running the club and whereas we have been able to see those cost be met by ‘stealth' through fundraising at events our intention is to separate the cost of running the club from our fundraising efforts. The GSCLUBUK is underpinned by a Company Limited by Guarantee, the Directors of which are Trustees of the club and its assets. The ‘entity' of the Company exists solely to protect the individuals running the club; it has no interest in the pursuit of profiting from the club's existence or to trade on the goodwill of its members.

Do expect the site to change as its creators continue to add content, all those involved lead busy lives and need to pay the bills. This is an extension of our hobby and not our day job so please be patient and we'll try and keep disruption to a minimum. If you have any suggestions remember, it is your site and we'd love to hear from you. The GSCLUBUK is only interested in continuing to be the success for its members it has always sought to be, and with your help and encouragement, it will for many years to come.

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