Electric bike: The future of motorcycling?


The 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc, a race bike built by a small Oregonian company aming on pushing the limits of electric performance to the absolute max. It packs 10 times the battery capacity of a Toyota Prius and 2.5 times the torque of a Ducati 1198.

The bike was able to reach speeds of 140 mph on practice runs and completed a full lap at 94.6 mph. the electric bike has 10 individual lithium polymer cells that each weigh 19.5 lbs and are removable and swappable for quick recharging. the bike's
engine is also quit stunning, able to travel 40 miles in race conditions, while the Toyota prius can
only do 1 mile in full-electric mode.

Could this be the future of motorcycling?

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