Ride for Human Rights...


Ride for Human Rights is a mission to promote Human Rights across globe traveling by Motorcycle. This journey will promote Universal Declaration of Human Rights through Human Rights , education materials developed by Youth for Human Rights International and organizing interactive sessions with Youth groups in Schools, Colleges and Universities.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights came into existence in 1948. Most of United Nation Countries in the world became signatories of this declaration, but still only 5 % of people in the world are aware of the Human Rights Declaration and Its importance. Human Rights are the center of development and without giving people their rights, a country cannot grow or develop to the benefit of all.

During the mission, traveler will also meet diplomats and present memorandums signed by thousands of youth from their own country demanding the publication of "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" on all public documents, starting with passports.
Although there will be many hurdles during this journey, It is big challenge for a just important cause...

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