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 Dan Medica South Limited commenced business in 2003 however both the directors have over 50 years combined experience in surgery and rehabilitation. Lynne headed up a bio medical research company more than 20 years ago which has now become a household name plus can boast that some of the world's top athletes have gained greater performance by enhancing the body's own muscle groups.

Lynne was also the founder of a large manufacturing company who radically changed the medical industrys thinking and brought once exclusive products into the mainstream public.

Derek started in the surgical business some 36 years ago and has been involved with pioneering companies from Sweden, America and the United Kingdom. The last 15 years has been spent bringing proven technologies to the aid of all who need them, rather than just the few who have the financial resources.

Derek was also instrumental in updating and improving several rehabilitation products which now allow greater flexibility and comfort for all disabled.

With the above experience put into one package we hope to be able to answer any questions about the benefits our products offer over our competitors. Over the last few years we have helped thousands of able-bodied and disabled to live more comfortable lives, our aim is to continue the advancement of our products in the knowledge that they are priced for everyone who needs them.

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