Tips on Improving Biker Safety

Safety has always been a major concern for motorbike drivers in the UK, actually anywhere in the world. This is because, riders are more exposed to the dangers on the road because of the lack of a protective barrier which other motorists seem to have. There are some damning facts that show how dangerous it can be for bike riders.

According to the Think! Campaign, a directive on road safety run by the Government, motorcyclist have “roughly 35 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident than car occupants, per mile ridden”. That’s a staggering statistic, don’t you think? A US Injury Law firm says, that “2/3rd of motorcycle accidents that involved another vehicle, it was the driver of the other vehicle which was responsible for violation of the motorcycle rider’s right of way, thus causing the accident.

A number of factors exist that could seriously affect rider safety. Bikers are prone to being not seen, obscured by other vehicles worsened by bad weather conditions. Adverse road conditions like potholes, puddles make it still more difficult. While these extraneous factors will exist in most situations, there’s a lot that bikers can do to increase their own safety. Here are some tips on keeping your relationship with the road a happy one with your bike:

Rider Biking Gear: Invest in a good quality reliable gear. While this may be an obvious, many bikers fail to appreciate the importance of a quality gear that will not fail them. The gear should include a well manufactured helmet, jacket, pants, boots, eye protection, gloves and high visibility jacket. Adding a raingear to this would be essential if you are end up riding in the rains.

Develop a relationship with your motorcycle: To ride safe, you must really know your bike well. Read the bike manual from start to finish and familiarize yourself with all the controls well.

Enhance your riding skills: While you may be an expert with the basic controls on the motorbike, like the shifting gears, braking and turning, there’s more that you can do to improve your riding. There are bike riding safety schools that provide courses in advanced riding that you could sign on to.

Keeping your bike road-ready: Before going on a ride, always check the condition of your bike. Develop a one-minute routine check involving the tyres, checking the surface and the pressure. Next move on to the controls, looking for any damage to the cables. Check on your lights, the headlights, the brake lights and also the horns. Finally, brakes are crucial to your safety. So make sure you are covered there with them working fine.

Maintenance is key: Love your bike and it will love you back in return. Get your regular servicing done by the authorised dealers. Keep your machine clean and that way there won’t be any hidden surprises causing problems later. The best time to clean your bike is just after you finish a ride. There you go, just a few tips and reminders for you to be safe on the road.

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