0-60mph in under 3 secs...ON SAND!!


With the SAND-X T-ATV, traversing impassable terrain is a breeze, says Paolo Rossetti

 There's a new kid on the block when it comes to performance on sand - yes, we have a few models of 4x4 vehicles which will take you up some dunes; and we have a good selection of ATVs, known as quads, which can conquer most dunes, but up until now there were always some climbs a bit too steep, or a bit too risky to negotiate.

Today, in its second generation, the sands are owned by SAND-X T-ATV! Imagine this: parked at the bottom of the steepest, softest slipface in the Salamat area of Al Ain (close to where the annual Al Saad Hill Climb Challenge takes place), looking up this incredible sheer sand dune of mountain proportions, you give the SAND-X T-ATV some gas and before you know it you have reached the peak, and you now tower above all things visible - you feel like a falcon so high up there over the dune ranges.How did you get up there, you wonder. Well, if you had blinked, you would have missed it!

The SAND-X T-ATV is capable of reaching 100 kph in 2.8 seconds! Read that again, no mistake: 2.8 seconds! Ah, the danger, I hear you thinking! Don't we have enough injuries due to insane idiots tumbling down dunes on their quad bikes to warrant yet another instrument of death?I'm afraid, in this case, you are mistaken. As strange as this will sound, the SAND-X T-ATV not only out-performs quads (and I mean making the most powerful quad appear like a tortoise) it is also safer by miles.

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