Why is this Yamaha not in production?

When Yamaha showed the Super Tenere based World Crosser concept back in 2010 it was at pains to point out that it wasn't a production bike, just a concept to illustrate what could be done to the Super Tenere.

Indeed, it said specifically that, "The Yamaha World Crosser is a concept bike displayed at Intermot to inspire adventure world travellers and will not go into production."

Pretty clear, then. But now the firm has trademarked the "World Crosser" name as a name under which to make "motorcycles and structural parts therefore" - surely not something that's necessary for a one-off concept bike?

Out guess is that we're unlikely to see a full production World Crosser, but Yamaha could be getting ready to offer a range of "World Crosser" accessories for the existing Super Tenere.

And seeing as though we're on the subject of trademarks, Suzuki has just got in on the game by registering the name "S-Cross" as a trademark for "automobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and the parts and fittings thereof" - could Suzuki be planning to get in on the adventure bike act too?

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