Snow Biking - A Thing of the future?

The ultimate winter fun of a new dimension and worldwide unique experience in the land of snow!
2Moto snow bike sport holiday, active holiday, and extreme adventure in Russia. Ride and test yourself the 2Moto RadiX Kit on our KTM 450 EXC bikes. New power sport, better than snowmobiling - carve, jump and ride in powder snow. Almost any dirt bike, motocross or supermoto bike can be converted to a snowbike.

Not later than after the worldwide first snow bike race in the February 2009, a new fascinating domain of the dirt bike sports was born. Equipped with a caterpillar in place of the rear wheel and a ski in the front, becomes a common motocross, supermoto or dirt bike a kind of a cool snowmobile. However, the difference between a sled and the 2Moto snow bike is enormous - like between a tricycle and a mountain bike.

On long weekends, we offer you experience trips on our converted KTM machines, all packed in a spectacular active holiday. In the middle of the Russian nature and at the same time still be convenient for a quick arrival from any large European city. Unlimited freedom of action, variety of the snow conditions and comfort, including everything what is necessary for a pleasant winter sport holiday. You don't have to wait for the next summer to ride your bike - just continue to have your fun also in the winter. But we warn you, this stuff makes addictive!

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