Motorcyclists are wanted to join high-vis demo

Motorcyclists have been urged to join a protest this Saturday the 2nd against the threat of compulsory high-visibility vests and other restrictive new rules from Brussels.

The Motorcycle Action Group will be protestingin Birmingham against proposed anti-tampering rules to stop riders modifying their bikes across Europe and plans for compulsory high-visibility bibs in France and Ireland.

A spokesman for the group said: "Mandatory high-vis vests, an end to riders being allowed to modify their bikes and a host of other horrors being foisted on riders by European politicians will be the subject of a major demonstration.

"MAG is joining other rider organisations across Europe to campaign against proposals that have already seen more than 100,000 riders demonstrate in cities across France."

MAG President Ian Mutch said there was a danger compulsory high-vis could "filter through" from France to other member states through EU harmonisation.

French riders are also facing proposals to outlaw filtering and ban bikes over seven years old from entering cities.

Meanwhile the European Commission is proposing measures to prevent engine and drive train modifications on bikes throughout Europe, at the same time as mandating ABS.

Mutch said, "We're facing an anti-motorcycling onslaught from politicians in different parts of Europe. We need to show our own politicians that riders do not want to see further interference spread to the UK."

Protestors plan to meet at 12:00 in the Hare and Hounds car park, Lickey Road, Rednall, B45 8UU.

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