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1st - 3rd May 2010
Both practice session went ok with no dramas and I set a time of 1:44.302 in the first session and 1:42.455 in the second session.

First Qualifying went really well, I went out to try and set a good time and got into the 1:42's but then got into a bit of traffic so decided to come in for the new rear tyre, I went back out and tried to put in a good lap with about 10 mins to go, I got in a bit of traffic again so backed off to get a clear lap which came right at the end on my last lap and I set a time of 1:41.263 to qualify in provisional 20th place.

Second qualifying didn't really go as planned, I kind of got messed up all through the session and messed myself up so I planned for a last lap banzi kind of thing at the end of the session like I got in first qualifying but the session was red flagged and with only 2mins left on the clock it was not restarted so I didn't manage to get in the lap I wanted and so ended up qualifying in 24th from my time in the morning.

Warm up
The warm up really well, I managed to get straight back down to my fastest lap time with a 1:41.3 lap and I was 16th quickest in warm up.

There was drama at the start with rain on our warm up lap and the start was delayed as the heavens opened. We were given a 7minute wet weather practice session and I set off to get used to what I knew would be slippery conditions, a bit too slippery as I found out when I lost the front just simply turning the bike thought the latter part of Hizzy's chicane! luckily the bike was ok I had just bent the left hand clip on in a bit but it wasn't that bad that I couldn't carry on with the practice so I stayed out to complete the full 7mins practice.

The race was declared wet and it was wet enough for the wet tyres even though it had stopped raining. After crashing in similar conditions last year when I was in a mega position I decided I was going to take it steady to begin with and gradually build pace and let the race come to me rather than getting all excited like I did last year and binning it!

I took it a bit too steady at the start but wasn't too concerned as I really quite like the dodgy conditions and new I could go a lot faster when everyone had sorted themselves out, I knew there would be loads crashing so I just concentrated on doing my own thing and staying on board this time.

The safety car came out about 5 laps into the shortened 12 lap race and we all bunched up, at the restart I had a bit of a plan to push on and try and get through some riders. I had a mega race I first got passed Chris Martin, then Mark Cringle and finally Marty Nutt on the last lap through the Hizzy Esses and held onto it to the line to finish in 9th overall and 2nd in the cup! I was made up its my best ever finish and to get on the Cup podium was fantastic. I paid the price last year when I fell off in similar conditions and I learnt a lot from that, to stay calm and take my time as its a long race.

I am mega chuffed for everyone in my team, Brad, Mum and Dad, Fergus from, Martin and all my sponsors who where there at the weekend, I always hope for a good result at my home round but I know Oulton is a hard track and after the disappointment of last year here it was really great to get a good result!

Thanks to absolutly everyone who sponsors, supports and helps me!!! thank you!!

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