Ride To Work is calling for participants


The National ride to work day on the 20th June 2011 is an event designed to show how enjoyable and fun the daily commute to work can be on a motorcycle. The event organizers are calling for bikers and non-bikers to participate in the event. The Ride to Work website says that life would be better if more people rode motorcycles and scooters every day, as this would result in saving time, less congestion, and reduced travel costs.

The event is also aimed at non-riders who are interested in taking up motorcycling. Through the Ride to Work Day Facebook page, new riders can be put in touch with experienced riders, who will act as ‘riding buddies’ on the day of the event.

As well as getting more people to motorcycle, the event reminds all road users that they all share the road and that everyone should, therefore, look out for each other. The day will also highlight to policy makers that motorcyclists are a vital part of the transport mix.

To visit the facebook page of ride to work please click here

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