Congestion falls as motorists leave their cars at home


Congestion on major roads has fallen as more motorists leave their cars at home because of soaring petrol prices (Telegraph).

The Highways Agency employs number plate recognition cameras and road sensors to calculate journey times. It uses this data to calculate how long a journey should take.

While some delays can be attributed to weather and accidents, the key element in journey time is volume of traffic. According to the AA this has dropped as a result of the recession and soaring price of fuel.

 The latest statistics released by the Highways Agency showed that 85.3% of car journeys on major trunk roads were completed ‘on time’ in April, 4% more than at the same time last year.

At the same time ONS, the Government statistics agency, released its own figures, based on data collected in late 2009, showing that 71% of people still commuted to work by car.



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