Smartphone app launched for Motorcyclists


A new clever app designed to lower the fatalities and serious injuries of motorcyclist on UK roads has been released to the market.

The 'iBiker' app which is part funded by DfT is available on the i phone platform and from the android market. The app lets riders

  • Plan, plot and save their routes
  • Highlight points of interest including pubs, cafes, cash points, petrol stations and meeting points.
  • Rate routes 
  • Connect with the biking community by sharing information about their rides/routes via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social networking sites.

The app is also highlighting the most 'risky' roads in the UK along with providing information and advice on how to ride safely and responsibly.

The response since release of the app has been phenomenal and it always recieves great feedback from its users. Global Bike Tours approves this app and we all think there needs to be an international version for our tourers.

For more information on the app click here

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