Motorcycling safety group voices concerns over CBT


The bike safety group RideSafe BackSafe has raised concerns about a number of learners riders riding illegally because they have failed to renew their Compulsory Basic Training certificate.

As it stands a CBT a valid for two years only and any time after this the rider has to re-sit the CBT test or have completed their full motorcycle license, or moved onto driving a car. If you continue to ride a motorcycle after these two years have expired you are commiting a road traffic offence.

The most worrying factor in all of this is the fact that the CBT is a basic entry level induction to riding on the roads. The CBT should only be seen as a stepping stone on to further education of safer driving among Britains roads.

One of the biggest factors which stop riders renewing the CBT is the current financial climate. with the cost of fuel and insurance rising dramatically, many people have simply not re-newed due to the price. The other problem is people simply forgetting to do something about it and carrying on with the belief that the CBT does not expire.

RideSafe BackSafe are keen to highlight the fact that no reminder is issued after the two years have expired.

For more information on the matter, please visit RideSafe BackSafe

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