Trail Quest Off road Training


Courses at TRAILQUEST are run by experienced ex service personnel and other well qualified instructors. All of the courses cover both theory and practical skills that are relevant to all types of vehicle based expedition.

Off Road Motorcycle Training

From learning the basics to full adventure preparation we provide friendly advice and practical tuition. With miles of tracks, water crossings and a quarry site we can replicate most conditions you will encounter on an off road expedition. Courses range from half a day to two days ( including an overnight camp ). You can use our 125cc trail bikes or your own machine.


Despite advances in GPS technology good map reading ability is essential for survival in remote areas. Tuition will cover 6 and 8 fig Grid References, route planning, compass skills, bearings and back bearings, time/distance calculations. The course will involve both class based and practical tuition and exercises.

As an enhancement to map reading skill tuition can also be given in the use of GPS systems.

First Aid

Training will cover all aspects of medical support for expeditions in remote areas including preparing a suitable First Aid kit, vaccination requirements abroad and dealing with accidents and injury. Tuition is both class based and practical.


Camping and Wilderness Skills

Practical advice in all areas of camping from selection of a suitable camp site to camp cooking. Advice on equipment and appropriate kit lists also available.

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