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Motorcycle Training

Think Bike provide high quality motorcycle training covering London, North Surrey and now Restricted licence and Direct Access courses in Mid Kent.

Whether you are just starting out and looking to get your C.B.T or returning to motorcycling and need a refresher course, progressing towards your motorcycle licence and need some tuition, eager to get on with a direct access course or maybe you are just looking to improve your biking skills with some advanced training, then Think Bike is here for you.

Think Bike is an approved training body authorised by the Driving Standards Agency and our motorcycle training instructors are qualified by the D.S.A to issue the C.B.T certificate of completion and to carry out the motorbike training required to pass the practical motorcycle test. Our instructors are friendly and patient and enjoy excellent 'first time' pass rates. They strive to deliver training courses which are not only informative but extremely enjoyable. Click here to view feedback from our customers.

We use radio communications of the highest quality available during your training so you can feel confident in receiving the best possible instruction.
Introducing our video equipped instructor bike

In our opinion, the best start for any would be or experienced biker is high quality training, from CBT right through to advanced road riding, track days and race schools.
Many of the top training schools and race academy's now use 'On Board Camera Systems' by to get the message across to the learner rider so much easier than verbal instruction alone.
It's all well and good for instructors to tell the pupil they were or were not doing a certain thing or didn't see a particular hazard, but many pupils after a perhaps nervous ride, will not necessarily be able to remember the point the instructor is referring to. Being a good rider is one thing, but that doesnt mean you are good at remembering! Which is where the video debrief comes in.

Book your lessons with Simon and see how you are doing on TV, as he will video your training and show it back to you. This is a great training aid and will ensure that you understand how to improve your riding faults. There is no extra charge at present but you will need to book a little in advance.

Freephone 0800 3282727

Telephone 020 8645 9595 / 020 8940 1236


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