Ridesure Motorcycle Training

Ridesure Motorcycle Training


We have the whole of the module 1 test laid out on our site and can practice it in its entirety.

So far this year we have had 15 module 1s with 13 passes at 86.6% and 20 module 2s with 19 passes at 95%

For 2009 module 1 we had 81 passes out of 101 which is around 81%. Those that didnt pass were purely down to nerves on the day and all were capable.The national average for module 1 is 52%.. None of the 101 has had any kind of incident despite what you might read. Because they know what they are doing.

For module 2 we have had 76 passes out of 93 tests which is also around 82%.

With the right preparation its not a problem.

Have a read of the New Bike Test and Your Test pages

Ridesure Motorcycle Training provide all levels of motorcycle training from CBT courses to Direct Access to Advanced training at their base in Surrey.

We are a DSA approved motorcycle training school based at the home of TOP GEAR ,Dunsfold Park Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, between Horsham and Guildford.
We have a very large site for CBT and offroad training with a
classroom and all facilities.All our motorbike lessons are tailored to
the individual.

We have a fleet of modern motorbikes and all clothing and
equipment for use while training. We carry out training from
CBT, Restricted, Direct Access, Refresher to Advanced
motorbike courses . All the guys at Ridesure motorcycle training have a huge amount of experience and a sense of humour to go with it . Most of us have advanced training qualifications and have been carrying out motorcycle training for some time. Our customer base runs from local to London and this year someone from Tajikistan who came for 2 weeks.

Trevor, the owner and chief instructor has a wealth of
experience ranging from motocross to holding a senior position
in the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists and is also the
holder of the ROSPA Gold advanced qualification. He has been
riding since he was 11 and his experience spans over 30 years.

You will get high quality, personal instruction and enjoy
yourself doing it. Whether you are taking CBT at our base at
Dunsfold in Surrey or Advanced training all over Surrey Sussex
and Hampshire you will go away a better and safer rider. We don't believe in just riding round and round test routes. We want you to be a motorcylist not just a test passer, so we will end up in Brighton or Portsmouth , Beachy head to Hyde Park , so you get experience as well as learning to pass the test.

Whether you're a new learner or an advanced motorcyclist we
have a training course to suit you. Contact us for further
information on any of our courses.

Remember we can offer refresher training, CBT courses, basic
motorbike training, direct access training and Advanced
training . We are 12 miles from Horsham and 11 miles from Guildford , so give us a call on
01483 278236 or 01403 711122




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