NFL Motorcycle Training

NFL was established in 1987, NFL is one of the longest established motorcycle training schools in the Midlands. We have ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) trained instructors and are approved by the Driving Standards Agency. We are situated in West Midlands in the Wolverhampton area. Motorbike Tuition and instruction speacialists in wolverhampton.

The Motorcycle test is in two parts, the CBT and the Part 2. The C.B.T. (Compulsory Basic Training) is compulsory and must be taken by everybody. The Part 2 can only be taken after completion of the C.B.T and takes several forms depending on your age and whether you have a full driving licence for another vehicle.

Tuition for 21 Plus - you need to take CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), either on a learner motorcycle ( up to 125cc ) or on a larger bike, ride on public roads with L-Plates on a learner motorcycle (up to 125cc) or on a larger bike ONLY when accompanied by an approved instructor on another bike in radio contact. Pass Motorcycle Theory Test if you do not already hold a full car, motorcycle or moped licence gained by passing theory/practical tests, apply and take the pratical motorcycle test on a machine with a power output of at least 35kw, pass the test and discard L-Plates and carry a pillion passenger. Ride any size motorcycle. If you fail apply again but remember 2 year life of Theory Test, 3 year life of CBT Certificate and 2 year life of Provisional Licence if relevant.
Tuition for Ages 17 to 21, you need to if not completed, take CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), ride on public roads with L plates up to 125 cc, NO Motorcycle Theory Test required except where Moped licence has not been obtained by passing theory/practical moped test, apply for motorcycle practical test, take (A1) Light Motorcycle Licence test on a motorcycle of Between 75-125cc OR take (A) Standard Motorcycle Licence test on a motorcycle of over 120cc but not more than 125cc and capable of at least 100kmph.
Tuition for Age 16 to 17 - You need to obtain Provisional License with moped entitlement, take CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), ride on public roads with L plates, pass motorbike theory test, pass moped test and discard L plates and carry pillion passenger, if you fail moped test re-apply but remember that C.B.T is only valid for 3 years and theory test is valid for 2 years.
For motorbike training, motorbike instruction, compulsory basic training in the midlands, tuition for motorbke training in the midlands in wolverhampton contact us.

NFL Motorcycle Training

Unit 22
Industrial Estate
Ettingshall Road
West Midlands

01384 243 434


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