Bikewize is a small but professional motorcycle training school based in the London Borough of Sutton and has been training riders since 1997 when the DAS scheme was introduced. All of our motorcycle training instructors are keen riders themselves who use their bikes daily to get around our busy little corner of South East England. They are all well aware of the benefits of motorcycling as well as the pitfalls, and are only too happy to share the knowledge that they have gained through many years of experience and motorcycle training. When you come to Bikewize our aim is to help you get the best motorcycle training available.

The starting point for your motorcycling training is getting a provisional licence. The form for this, a D1, is available at the Post Office. If you already have a full licence for another type of vehicle, such as a car, you will have probably have provisional entitlement for motorcycles on it. After that you can take a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course and you can then ride a motorcycle of 125cc with 'L-plates' (or a moped if aged 16) on the road. You can continue your motorcycle training on a 125cc bike until you pass your test, or, if you are 21 or over you can take your motorcycle training and test on a larger bike under the Direct Access Scheme or DAS. The main advantage of DAS, is that once you have passed your test you can then ride any motorcycle you wish. If you pass your test on a 125cc motorcycle you are restricted to a motorcycle with a power output of 33bhp or less for 2 years. You will also have to pas a theory test before attempting the practical test, although if you have already passed a moped or motorcycle test for another sub category you may be exempt from the theory test.

This is only an outline of the laws regarding motorcycle training and tests, for further explanation and to discuss your individual motorcycle training requirements please contact us so we can help you to get the best possible start with motorcycling. If you are returning to motorcycling, have recently completed your test, or wish to enhance your motorcycling skills then look at our Advanced courses and ride outs. As well as experienced motorcyle training instructors we can also supply you with a suitable bike for your course, helmet, gloves, instructor-to-trainee radios, and if required, waterproofs. Also on this site are a list of books, videos and DVDs which you may find helpful with your motorcyle training.

 contact us to discuss your requirements, answer any questions and book your motorcycle training

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