A1 Motorcycle Training

A1 Motorcycle Training offers you a complete package for motorcycle training. Whether you are a complete beginner or wish to improve your riding with off road and rider safety lessons, we have the course for you.
We cover South Yorkshire & East Midlands, mainly the Worksop, Doncaster, Rotherham, Lincoln, Gainsborough, Scunthorpe & Retford areas.

Everyone is welcome at A1 Motorcycle Training. We have courses to suit all budgets!

This site will help you decide which one of our many courses is right for you. We will also explain getting started and what you will need before you start your motorcycle training.

So, Where do I start? .....
Well, the first thing you will need to complete is a CBT(compulsory Basic Training).

Virtually everyone has to complete a CBT before they ride a motorcycle on the road. The only exception is if you wish to ride a 50cc Moped and you passed your full car licence before February 2001. For all other Motorcycles you MUST take and complete a CBT

Once you have completed the CBT you will be issued with a DL 196 (certificate of completion of an approved training course). This validates your licence and allows unaccompanied riding of a motorcycle / scooter up to 125cc with a power output no greater than 14.6bhp. The DL196 is valid for a period of two years from the date of course completion but you will not be allowed to carry pillion passengers, ‘L' plates must be fitted (front & rear) and you cannot ride on motorways.


Then What?.....

Well, that depends on you. If you just want to ride a 125, and are happy with the restrictions (i.e. no passengers, no motorway riding, etc), then you can do. Then, after two years you will need to return and do another CBT. If however, you would like to ride a bigger bike or just get rid of the "L" plates and restrictions, then you will need to obtain your full bike licence.


There are 4 steps to your licence which are CBT, Motorcycle Theory Test, Module 1 Test and the Module 2 test. I have shown in the table below. As you will see, if your are 16 you can only take your test on a 50cc moped. However, if you do, you will only ever be allowed to ride a 50cc moped and if you wish to ride a bigger bike, you will still have to complete the steps below. If you are 17-20 then you can take your test on a 125 and have power restrictions for two years. If you are 21 or over you can take a test on a 125 or a Motorcycle with power output 47BHP or greater (normally a 500cc). If it's a 125 then the two year limits still apply, but if you take it on a Motorcycle with power output 47BHP or greater, then once you have passed, you can ride any motorcycle of any size.

 If you would like to contact us with any questions please do not hesitate.
Call us direct on 07850 736384 or E-Mail: info@a1motorcycletraining.co.uk



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